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What is Probate on a House in My Area?

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Probate on a house is intended to prove that the will outlines the last wished of the deceased. If it claims against the will arise they will be dealt with through the probate process.

Moving in a Hurry? Don’t Worry!

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Anyone that’s moved even once in their life knows that the process is a lengthy and complicated mess. From packing boxes and scheduling professional movers to finding and financing the ideal future home, moving is a dreaded experience.

Inheriting a House in Galveston County, TX

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While you’ve gained a new property that can drastically improve your standard of living, you’ve also lost a loved one. Making decisions while you’re grieving can seem impossible.

We Buy Houses With Tenants in Galveston County

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Are you sick of your nightmare tenants? No body blames you. That’s why we buy houses with tenants in them – to help you out of being a landlord!